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How Do I Sell My House In Kansas City Fast For Cash?

Learn How We Will Buy Your House Fast For Cash!
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Selling Your House Can Be A Quick & Simple Process

Ok, but what is the process ACTUALLY like?


When you send us your property info, we will go into “Analysis Mode” and look up your property. Usually we can see when it was built, what size it is, and how many bedrooms it has.


We will chat with you on the phone & schedule a time that we can meet & take a quick look at the property. AND we will give you our highest and best offer to buy the home just as it is!


If you are happy with the offer, we schedule a time to meet at a reputable Title Company to sign the papers, and YOU get paid! This is usually about 7-10 days after we first meet, but can be faster or longer if needed!

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Evaluate Repairs On This House With Me!

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“How does your company come up with the offer for my property?”

This is actually  a very complicated mathematical equation and….

Well, not really (haha). It’s actually pretty simple! Let us explain:
There are two factors we take into consideration when calculating the maximum purchase price we can give.

1. Property ARV

Let’s say a house is worth $150,000 when it’s fully renovated & all fixed up. This is determined by what other similar properties have recently sold for in the area.

This is known as it’s After Repair Value (ARV)

Our team purchases properties at around 70% of ARV. This percentage gives us enough room to make a profit after we spend the necessary time & risk rehabbing the property to brand new condition.

2. Repairs Needed

Now, let’s assume that the house in its current condition needs some repairs and updating.
checkmark clipart guide to sell your Kansas City house The kitchen needs to be updated
checkmark clipart guide to sell your Kansas City house The roof needs to be replaced
checkmark clipart guide to sell your Kansas City house The house needs to be painted

     (Estimated Repairs: $25,000)

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Sell Your KC’s Fast Cash Offer Formula

Once we know the home’s fixed up value (ARV), & the repairs costs to get there, we can determine our max offer.

There are a lot of companies out there that would probably buy your house….BUT, a lot of them are going to try & give you as little cash as possible for it!…..NOT US!

Think about it this way….

It costs us Time & Money to come evaluate your property, so why would we then just give you an insultingly low offer that you would end up rejecting? It doesn’t make sense for YOU or for us!


We will walk you through every step of our evaluation so you know our offer is the highest we can give you.
It’s our priority to bring you the highest & best price for your property & we will do everything we can to come to a win-win situation & make the deal favorable for both parties.

ARV x 0.70% – Repairs = THE OFFER

So For The Example Above:

ARV = $150,000  X 70% =  $105,000
–$25,000 (Repair Cost)

Based on the formula above, our maximum offer for the subject property would be $80,000. However, it’s important to know that all properties are unique and there are always other factors that need to be put into perspective when calculating our offer. We may be able to give you more or less than the formula above, based on a properties unique characteristics.

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Want to know what YOUR numbers look like?

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Sellers Dani & Janette had a property that was taking more from them than it was giving back!

Tired of the repairs & headaches, we were able to put cash in their hands, FAST!